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Youth With A Purpose is hiring!


Available Position


Mommy Mentor Network Program Manager

  • Work with pregnant and parenting moms under 29 years old  

  • Assist the Program Director 

  • Check in with program participants weekly and as needed 

  • Program outreach 

  • Admin tasks 

Purpose House Program Manager 

  • Manage a residential facility with 6-8 transitional age youth

  • Ensure a safe housing environment

  • Maintain the property

  • Keep track of client files

  • Ensure the program goals are being met

Performing Arts Assistant 

  • Assist the Program Director

  • Assist with scripts, choreography, curriculum creation, etc. 

  • Ensure a safe and engaging environment 

  • Assist with admin tasks 

Youth Center Coordinator

  • Coordinate age appropriate activities in the YWAP youth center

  • Create a fun, exciting and safe environment for participants

  • Assist kids with homework, college prep and job readiness

Community Outreach Liaison 

  • Serve as the main point of contact between YWAP and the community

  • Liaising with other providers (government agencies, non-profit organizations, Indigenous organizations, etc.) to deliver services through outreach programs

  • Attending community meetings and town halls and documentation of notes

  • Create fun social media content 

Youth With A Purpose Is Hiring!
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