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Mommy Mentor Network

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Statistics: African American Women have higher levels of stress, trauma, food insecurity, neighborhood violence, and less access to prenatal care. Black women are more than 3x more likely to have a maternal death

Our Services



Mentees are matched with mentors and are supported:

  • During & After Pregnancy

  • Receive Postpartum Support

  • Spiritual Support

  • Empowerment

1:1 Support


Mentees meet with mentors for a minimum of 1 hour a week

  • ​Sisterhood

  • Guidance

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

Maternity & Family Photoshoots

  • All mentees are offered 1 free photoshoot while they are pregnant or 1 family photoshoot after pregnancy

  • Women in the community and moms speak monthly on their pregnancy journey and tools that helped them

Postpartum Care Packages


After giving birth, mentees receive care packages to support them through postpartum recovery.

Mommy & Baby American Sign Language Classes 

ASL classes are available to all mentees to learn how to communicate with their babies. 

  • Sign language increases speech development

  • Increases parent-child bonding

  • Helps babies express themselves 

End of the Year Banquet

  • Mentors are awarded a stipend of $300-$500 at the YWAP annual banquet

  • Mentees receive awards for completing a full year of mentorship 


Mentee Tee & Mentor Daysha


Mentor Jalisa & Mentee Minyae


Mentee Amber & Director Shameka

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